Fresh Graduates - Here Some Tips For YOU

    As you start your journey in the working life, get used to it fast, well, in other words adapt with the change. Life as a student has ended and it's time to embrace the 'reality of life'. The faster you adapt, the faster you are ahead of the pack. 

    Many would be looking for the best job with the best title and the best salary due to peer pressure, wanting to be the best among your friends. Often they forget what they really want or what they should do. To be the best, you must first know learn the ropes of the job. Once you have a good foundation, you will make it anywhere. Remember that as a stepping stone, look for a company that you could offer you something you could learn from not the best paying companies, though that may sound really tempting.   

    We have been meeting with many employers, from SMEs to MNCs in the course of our recruitment exercise as well as during career fairs. We always wanted to know what employers are looking for when looking for their right candidate to fit in their organization. Well, every employer will have their own criteria based on their industry as well as the role that they have. But they do have one thing in common that goes across every industry.

    Here are the things that they want from you:

    1. They want the employees who have the initiative to start something without being told. 

    2. Productive employees that could deliver their KPIs within the set time-frame.

    3. Employees with fresh ideas that could help the organization to do things differently with the results they want.

    4. Employees who value time management and could work under pressure.

    5.  Someone who respects the work culture of the organization, especially when there are many different generations (Baby Boomers, X, Y) of employees that you need to deal with.


    That's basically sums up what most employers look for. Be the difference and show them what you got!




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