Challenges Faced by Employers Today

    As the economy began to restart in full force over a month ago, the demand for manpower from non-skill, skill to professional has been increased to 3 folds or more. Searching for the right candidate with the right salary expected has been a challenged. Many companies are focusing on rebuilding their business, hence finances have been really challenging. But at the same time they need the right people to join their team to help them with that. But many are also afraid of the empty promises made by the candidates, that they are able to execute what they say and in the end finding out that it was just mere words with no action. To avoid this, employers rather offer contracts instead of permanent roles and a lower salary until the candidate is proven worthy.

    Candidates on the other hand have demanded a high increment on their expected salary, justifying that their previous company didn't give them a raise for two years. Hence, they have been asking the new employers an increment of of 30-50%. They have got nothing to lose as they know currently it's employees' market and they can afford to say no to a job and easily find another one tomorrow. 

    Being a recruiter we hear from both sides, the employer and employee. Both have their own points and justifying their actions. At the end of the day, we have the same goal. To rebuild the economy so that both parties are able to sustain for their business and income. My advice on all this is, meet each other half way. Don't kill the business when they are rebooting and don't short change the candidates what they deserve.      


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